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Kutlucan Textile Ltd. was founded in 2012 in Bursa, Turkey. With 30 years of experience, It started production in 2014. Our Spinning and Texturing machines are German technology. Our production are FDY and DTY of polyamide 6 and 6.6. Our yarn capacity is 2.700 tons per year. Polyamide 6 yarns are produced in hundreds of colors and new colors can be done upon request. Our company is environmentally friendly due to dyeing the yarn in the melt.
Karsu, which has started its operations with cotton yarn production in the early 1970s, currently producing todays and futures goods with its prevailing and divers technology by combining its previous experiences with its innovative and investigative structure. Karsu, the shares of which have been traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange Market since 1997, holds a middle range position amoung the top 500 industrial companies in Turkey. Karsu Textile produces single yarns and plied yarns in its factory settled in Kayseri with its field specialized staff and meets the dyed yarn orders of its custumors demands in its specialized dying house, particularly in regenerated celluloid yarn dying. Moreover Karsu Textile meets some customers special fabric demands. Karsu Textile, which closely keep up to date technology and makes up a principle to be a pioneer in its field, carries out 6 different production technology. It has added its yarn production that it started with ring yarn products, open-end and compact spinning technologies lately. Karsu, started airjet yarn production in 2003, owns the biggest machine park in Turkey on this head. It has lastly added siro and corespun yarns to its product range in contemplation of maximum customer satisfaction. Karsu has a wide product range in the field of technical and classical yarn with the responsibility of being the address of innovation and diversity. Karsu is one of the rare producer in the world which retains the production right of Promodal® yarn that the fiber is produced by our strategic associate, Lenzing Company. Karsu is an important producer that produces yarn from Modal®, Coolmax®, Thermolite® and Thermocool® fiber in the World. Some other fibers that Karsu uses for yarn production are: Tencel®, Viscon, Aircell®, organic cotton, supima® cotton, wool, flax, cashmere, silk . Karsu, blended yarn specialist, is producing Modal®, Modal®/Combed cotton , Micromodal®, Tencel®, Cotton/PES, Viscon/PES blended melange and crude yarns. In the field of technical textile it produces yarn from Kermel, Twaron, Lenzing FR® , Modacrylic Carbon and Shieldex® fibers. Karsu is attaching great importance to research&development , product development activities through its target with the mentality of being a trademark company.
Ekta Textile continues his yarn production since 2005 at modern production facilities in Usak. By closely following the developments and market requirements, it increases the product variety day by day. Ekta Textile decreases the use of natural resources with its R & D and technological investments with the awareness of environmental responsibilities. Especially for the cleaning sector mop manufacturers, as well as carpets, upholstery and socks manufacturers are serving.
We met textile in 1967. Between 1967-1987, the production and marketing of rugs, blankets were made in Besni. We have been manufacturing rugs and blankets since 1987. Our factory is an integrated facility. Apart from yarn, weaving, chemical finish, garments, etc. we started home textile production in 2010 (quilt, linens, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc.) and yarn production started in 2014. Our production facility consists of 3 different factories and the total closed area is 23.500 m2. GUNESHAN MENSUCAT, which has made the principle of continuous development and Ataturk values ​​as a principle, continues to offer better quality and better service with its solid staff and experience that renews itself day by day.
OKYANUS YUN ITHALAT IHRACAT SANAYI VE TIC LTD STI is an import and export company established in 2000.Our company is among the best companies in the market.Our company has made high product quality, price and customer satisfaction a principle.
We have been producing raw white yarn, with our 2017 model modern plant. Count: Ne 6-30/1 For home textiles weaving amd circular knitted fabrics uses. Material: 100% Cotton 50-50 cotton pes 70-30 cotton pes